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今天的核心词汇是sweet [swiːt]

n. 甜食,蜜饯,甜点,糖果

adj. 甜的,新鲜的;可爱的;亲切的



1. 他刚才正在吮着糖果。

He was sucking a sweet.

2. 孩子通常喜欢甜的东西。

Children usually like sweet things.


1. 芳香的

e.g. the sweet smell of her shampoo.

2. 悦耳的

e.g. Her voice was as soft and sweet as a young girl’s.

3. 温柔的

e.g. He was a sweet man but when he drank he tended to quarrel.


38. The _____smell of success around her shows that she is a Dancing Queen on the stage.

A. sweet B. tasty

C. final D. great


She fell 3,000 meters. When she opened her eyes again, she found she l___78___ in a tree in the middle of the forest. She was not dead! She was g___79___ surprised that she was not only alive, nut she wasn’t badly h___80___. She was sitting in her s___81___. She was holding a bag of sweets.

She managed to stand on a big branch of the tree and c___82___ down. But she could see nobody else. She was alone except for a few dead b___63___ here and there.

class=”syl-line-pure-english”>She began to walk. At first she had nothing to eat except the sweets. Later she found a little fruit. She had never seen this kind of fruit before. She found the fruit was s___84___ after she saw some monkeys eating it.


  • boiled sweet 硬糖
  • sweet voice 甜美的声音
  • sweet memories 甜蜜的记忆
  • cough sweet 止咳糖
  • sweet spot 最佳打击点
  • my sweet 宝贝儿,亲爱的
  • sweet heart 恋人,甜心
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