1.和…一起 有着…

Tom is with his sister. 汤姆和他姐姐一起。

She lives with her parents. 她和父母住一起。

I don’t want to argue with you . 我不想和你争论。

He often plays soccer with his friends.他常常和朋友们一起踢足球。

How are you getting along with your job? 你的工作进展如何?

China is a country with a population of over 13 billion. 中国是一个人口超过13亿的国家。

A moon-cake with eggs in it 有蛋在里面的月饼

A small house with a garden 带有花园的小屋

2.对… be +adj+with

You should be patient with your co-workers.你应该对同事们有点耐性。

Be angry with生某人的气 be strict with 对某人严格;be good with 善于与﹉打交道;be pleased with 对﹉感到满意;

Be familiar with 熟悉

3.用… 以… 被….

We can see with our eyes. 我们用眼睛看。

You can write with pencils . 你们可以用铅笔写。

Kill two birds with one stone . 一举两得

Cut the cake with a knife. 用刀切蛋糕

The hill is covered with green trees. 山被绿树覆盖。


Young people should be working with great enthusiasm and patience. 年轻人应当以极大的耐性和热情来工作。

The man was walking on the street,with a book under his arm. 那个人在街上走着,腋下夹着一本书。

The square looks more beautiful with all the light s on. 所有的灯亮起来,广场看起来更美了。

He left home ,with his wife a hopeless soul. 他离开了家,留下妻子黯然伤心。

With this problem solved,Neocoronavirus vaccine is now in regular production.


He felt more uneasy with the whole class staring at him. 全班同学看着他,他感到更不自在。

So in the afternoon.with nothing to do ,i went on a round of the bookshops.


With these words, the tiger jumped into the water. 说完,老虎跳进了水中。

With the help of …在… 的帮助下


He is tired with work . 他工作累了。

At the news we all jumped with joy. 听到消息,我们都高兴得跳了起来。

I wasn’t able to go on holiday with my mother being ill.我不能去度假,因为妈妈生病了。


Agree with 同意 argue with 与… 争论 confuse with 与… 混淆 compare with 与… 比较; deal with 应付;处理 connect with 与… 结合 associate with 与… 来往 help with 帮助… to start /begin with从… 开始;

7.Be +adj +with

Be angry with生某人的气; be pleased with对﹉感到满意; be patient with对﹉有耐心; be strict with 对某人严格be busy with忙于某事;

Be generous with在某方面慷慨大方; be satisfied with对﹉感到满足 be familiar with熟悉

8.With +其他

With excitement 兴奋地with joy 高兴地with a will 热情地 with a firm hand 坚决地

With reserve 有保留地

9.With +n 表示方式:

With pleasure 很乐意地; with pride 骄傲地; with ease 轻易地; with effect 有效地;

With success 成功地; with confidence 有信心地; with joy 高兴地; with anger 生气地;

With kindness 亲切地; with delight 愉快地; with fear害怕地; with satisfaction 满意地;

With courage 英勇地; with difficulty 艰难地;


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